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Family Flex is an early education center located in the downtown Denver area that provides infants, toddlers, and preschool age children and families with quality education and convenience to help ease the demands of modern parenthood.

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As infants grow into toddlers, they begin to experience a larger world through both their newfound mobility and their developing language. We foster the development of the toddler by offering an environment to cater to the individual needs of the child and the allow children to gain independence in the group environment. The toddler age range is typically between 12 months and 36 months. Our toddlers are active, engaged, and busy in their classrooms.  We build a routine around their daily needs: toileting, napping, mealtimes, and drop off/pick up. We begin practicing skills to participate in the group experience such as sitting in a group (circle time), eating in a family style setting (learning to serve ourselves), and new indendence skills (putting our own jackets on, cleaning up our toys). 

The Learning Environment: The toddler classrooms are set up to support a structured group schedule. Younger toddlers work towards practicing the group oriented schedule, while the older toddlers build upon the schedule to incorporate more community activities such as small groups, job boards, and circle times. There is a space to come together as a whole class for stories, songs, and games. We have spaces for small group play such as the "dress up" area, a block building area, and a space for table activities and games. There are also some spaces for independent play like our puzzle area or the library.  Each classroom is equipped with a "cozy" area to help us calm down when we are upset.  Every classroom has time in their schedule to visit the playground, go on a walk, or play in our multi-purpose (Jungle!) room. The classrooms are filled with children's art, pictures of our families, and word displays to help us learn new vocabulary. Toddlers still require detailed communication about their day, so we provide a parent board with information about meals, naptimes, toileting/diapering, and needs. The ratios in these classroms depend on the ages and abilities of the toddler. Younger toddlers are in a classroom with a 5:1 ratio, while the older toddlers (2+) are in a classroom with a 7:1 ratio.  

What Children Learn: The toddler classroom works on developing a each child individually based on their needs. We all develop a little bit differently, and at Family Flex, we are here to help each child develop their full potential.

Social/Emotional: Social and emotional development at the toddler level is all about learning how to understand our emotions and find developmentally appropriate ways to express them. At Family Flex, we explore how to interact with our peers,  build positive relationships, and participate in a "group" oriented schedule. 

Physical: Toddlers are learning more complex physical skills and need to be challenged! We offer opportunities to develop those skills both inside the classroom and out. Children work on large motor skills such as walking, running, and jumping. We do this through games and classroom experiences. The small motor skills that they begin to work on as toddlers include learning how to hold smaller objects, and manipulate things such as markers, paintbrushes, and puzzles.

Cognitive: Toddlers are quickly adapting to the world. Our classrooms work on building curiosity and learning all about problem solving. We begin exploring skills such as order and classification, memory and recall, as well as connecting our experiences to what we are working on in the classroom.   

Language: Family Flex teachers work with children to increase vocabulary, and participate in conversations with teachers and peers. We work on using language to express ourselves and our needs.  We learn about using language to tell stories and communicate experiences. Children are also introduced to the concept of writing to express ourselves. We point out words, letters, and different forms of communication to show the written word.  

Lastly, we work on our STARS, which are the day-to-day skills that help us to interact with the world.

Self-Esteem is all about feeling good about ourselves. In the toddler program, teachers work with children to be proud of their accomplishments, whether it be following a direction, completing an activity, or having success while potty training.

Teamwork is an essential skill in the school environment. We practice our teamwork by doing small group or team tasks together. We learn about how to sit as a whole group and how to interact as a whole group. We encourage children to work together to accomplish tasks such as cleaning up, setting the table for a meal, or completing a project.  

Abilities are the skills that we practice in order to learn more about the world. Children are given opportunities to explore their abilities in all areas, including sports, the arts, and music/movement.  

Responsibilities are the foundation of a classroom community. We learn all about taking care of our environment in a toddler classroom. We introduce the concept of a "job board" where each child gets a job to do for the day, such as line leader and cafe helper.  

Self-Sufficiency is all about learning to do things ourselves. This includes self-help skills like handwashing, dressing ourselves, cleaning up our own messes, and being responsible for our own belongings (cubbies, etc).  

All of these STARS help to build a foundation which will help our students be successful in their preschool experience and beyond!