Family Flex Early Education Center  |  1005 Acoma Street  |  Denver, CO 80204  |  Phone: 303-571-1005  |  Fax: 303-200-8903

Family Flex is an early education center located in the downtown Denver area that provides infants, toddlers, and preschool age children and families with quality education and convenience to help ease the demands of modern parenthood.

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Tuition rates for June 1, 2017 to May 31, 2018

Tuition includes breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack.

Room Name



7am - 7pm

4 Days/Week 

(4 set days)

7am - 7pm


(3 set days)

7am - 7pm


(1-2 set days)

Min 6 hrs/day

Dolphins or Starfish (10 weeks - 18 months) $1,995/mo $1,895/mo $430/wk $16.00/hr
Seals or Meadow (15 - 24 months) $1,710/mo $1,630/mo $370/wk $14.75/hr
Mountain (21 - 36 months) $1,630/mo $1,550/mo $350/wk $14.00/hr
Ocean or Desert (30+ months) $1,375/mo $1,310/mo $295/wk $11.75/hr


Curriculum fee: $50/child

Supplies fee: $100/child

Enrollment fees for each newly enrolled child:

Full-Time: $250/child

Part-Time, 3 days: $150/child

1 or 2 days/week: $75/child


Visitor / Drop-in Care available at hourly rate per chart above.